Pulsar's Quantum 3 Brings Integrated Flow Monitoring to Pumping Station Management

Northumbrian Water has used the system to increase station efficiency by identifying underlying issues in the station infrastructure.

Equipment used:

  • Quantum 3 Controller

  • Flow Pulse

Pulsar have led the way in the introduction of pumping station control systems, and the latest Quantum 3 unit has taken another step forward with the integration of Pulsar's unique, non-invasive flow monitor, Flow Pulse. The introduction of Flow Pulse has allowed users to add another important dimension to the control of a site, that of diagnostic flow monitoring.

Northumbrian Water installed a fascia mount Quantum 3 controller at its Layland Beck SPS in Skelton, with a Flow Pulse monitor connected to the 450mm rising main. The displays on the Quantum 3 were configured to show the changing sewage level and the flow rate as monitored by the Flow Pulse. With three pumps of similar types installed, the control routine was set up to rotate the duty pump each cycle. When pump 3 came on duty, it was clear that there was a different flow rate, a variation of over 20% compared to the other pumps. Staff at the site had suspected that there was a problem with a non-return valve, and the Pulsar system proved that was indeed the case.

Quantum 3 can accept signals from up to four Flow Pulse units, so a number of flows, pumps or mains can be monitored at the same time, with individual alarm points being set for each one. The versatile Flow Pulse is a unique non-invasive flow monitor that simply straps to the outside of a pipe. Flow Pulse can operate as part of a control system with digital or analogue output, as a stand-alone instrument with local display or as a roving system when used with Pulsar’s Handheld controller.