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MDot (Grey Line)

The MDot™ is one of the most technically advanced gas flow meters specifically designed for water and wastewater. An innovative Thermal Mass Flow Meter and Temperature Transmitter that operates on the law that...
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OCF 6.1 (Grey Line)

The OCF 6.1 is an open channel flow meter that doubles as a tank level meter, making it a perfect solution for both non-contacting flow measurement and level measurement. The non-contacting open channel...
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MANTARAY (Grey Line)

The MantaRay is a portable area velocity meter that measures flow using a submersible ultrasonic sensor. The unit is designed for flow surveys in open channels, partially-full sewer pipes, and surcharged pipes –...
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AVFM 6.1 (Grey Line)

The Area Velocity Flow Measurement method is the most common method of all flow measurements. The AVFM 6.1 Area Velocity Flow Meter uses a submersible ultrasonic sensor measuring both the level and velocity...
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PDFM 5.1 (Grey Line)

The PDFM 5.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter is a portable flow meter that clamps to the outside of a pipe to gain pipe flow measurement. The ultrasonic Doppler technology used by the PDFM...
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PTFM 6.1 (Grey Line)

Whether you need flow measurement when you didn’t have it before, or you need to prove that your existing system is performing properly, the PTFM 6.1 Portable Transit Time Flow Meter is here...
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