Ultra 5

Non-Contacting Level and Pump Control and Flow Measurement

Product Description

The Ultra 5 offers pump control, flow measurement, level control, volume calculations, and differential level measurement all in one compact unit. The control unit provides five assignable relays with extra-alarm options such as pump efficiency and extra pump control functions such as pump run on, pump exercising, storm and aeration control, and differential level control; the addition of further relays in open channel flow applications.

The Ultra 5 is perfect for a wide range of level measurement applications in solids and liquids for a variety of different industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, power generation, water and wastewater, quarrying and mining, and many many more! The unit offers pre-programmed tank shape conversions for a wide variety of standard tank shapes, including cylindrical, rectangular, cone base, pyramid base, sloped base, horizontal including parabolic ended tanks, and spherical. The pump control configuration of the unit makes the Ultra 5 a premium specification ultrasonic pump controller and offers many standard features. Further sophistication of the unit includes differential level measurement capability using two transducers and alarm systems. Open channel flow mode enables the unit to provide non-contacting, maintenance-free, flow measurement and control in a wide range of flumes and weirs by calculating flow from the measured head preceding a primary element.

The optional software for the Ultra series of controllers enables a quick setup for specific applications and allows parameters such as empty and full distances and alarm / control relay settings to be entered.

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  • 5 control relays
  • Measurement range 125 mm to 40 m (5 in to 131 ft)
  • Optional 4-20mA input
  • Pre-programmed tank shapes
  • Power run-on
  • Pump Exercising
  • Start point variation | Storm Control | Aeration control | Flush valve Control | Differential level control