dBMACH3 & dB3 with Double Sun Shields

Non-contacting Open Channel Flow Sensors

Product Description

The dBMACH3 and dB3 with double sun shields are specially designed for non-invasive flow measurement. A lot of flow metering devices require mounting in the bottom of a pipe or channel, which requires a shut down of the operation for installation to take place. The dBMACH3 and dB3 with double sun shields are the ideal alternative open channel flow sensors. The dMACH3 is the first ultrasonic sensor to achieve a zero-effective blanking distance. The dB3 with double sun shields adds extra solar radiation protection to the sensor to ensure that the internal temperature can be utilized, ensuring flow measurement readings are as accurate and reliable as possible.

In addition, when combined with the Ultra 4 controller, the dB3 with double sun shields has achieved MCERT’s Class 1 Certification with 0.136% combined accuracy. This means the pair have been independently tested and performed well under rigorous conditions. Utilities across the globe can now be confident that their flow measurement is of the highest possible accuracy by using MCERT certified equipment.

  • 0 m to 2.425 m (0 ft to 7.95 ft) measurement range
  • ±3 mm (±0.12 in) accuracy
  • ±0.5 resolution
  • IP68/NEMA 6P
  • ATEX Zones 1 & 2 approval standard. ATEX Zone 0 optional


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