Ultimate Controller

Intelligent Pump Controller

Product Description

The Ultimate controller from Pulsar Measurement has been designed to be an all-in-one pump controller, for small pump station control without the costly need for a PLC or logic programming. This intelligent pump controller is a system that combines ultrasonic level, flow measurement, RTU, and advanced pump control features in one economic, easily programmed, modular unit. The Ultimate controller includes a dedicated web server remote control and touchscreen HMI with integrated protocols.

The Ultimate controller is modular and expandable, with peripherals that offer unlimited I/O, pump power monitoring, and even an optional infra-red camera that allows for real-time viewing of your wet well, sump, or pump station application. The pump control unit is designed to offer users end-to-end and operational cost savings by high energy cost avoidance, pre-blockage detection, automatic resets, selection of the most efficient pump, and even a pump reversing feature that protects the pump from ragging or other debris.

The unit offers intelligent pumping and communication protocols to allow for simple, easy, and straightforward site integration and offers capital cost saving by combining HMI, PLC, RTU, and level control with no costly logic programming.

  • 2 x 4-20mA inputs (passive or active)
  • 2 x isolated mA outputs
  • Ethernet
  • Camera Port
  • Touchscreen Display
  • 2 x dB Transducer Inputs
  • 8 relays (expandable)
  • 8 digital inputs (expandable)