FlowPulse Sensor

Clamp-on Flow Sensor

Product Description

The Pulsar FlowPulse is a non-invasive clamp-on flow sensor for pipe flow monitoring. It simply clamps to the outside of the pipe and is secured with a screwdriver. Using Doppler technology, the sensor is suitable for applications requiring flow measurement on dirty or difficult liquids. The FlowPulse clamp-on flow sensor fires ultrasound through a variety of pipe wall materials, is refracted at angles across the axis of the flow, and is reflected back from bubbles, particles, and vortices in all directions – the change in frequency is then displayed as flow measurement.

FlowPulse provides significant cost savings as opposed to other flow meters as there is no need to cut into the pipe, involve civil engineers, or interrupt the service. The digital platform that is used with the FlowPulse clamp-on sensor offers robust performance in the repeatability of measurement, as well as the flexibility to adapt to the application requirements. FlowPulse features such as damping and response time can easily be customized to suit the application.

  • Non-invasive
  • Minimal installation costs
  • Range of options available
  • Simple Installation
  • Flexible PC software
  • Compatible with a wide range of pipe material