Partially filled pipe flow


FlowPulse Sensor

The Pulsar FlowPulse is a non-invasive clamp-on flow sensor for pipe flow monitoring. It simply clamps to the outside of the pipe...
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The FlowCERT provides comprehensive open channel flow measurement with extensive data logging and control functions. It includes a range of pre-programmed flumes...
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Ultra 4

The Ultra 4 is a fully functional advanced controller for level, flow, volume, and pump control. MCERTS Class 1 certified, it offers...
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Ultimate Controller

The Ultimate controller from Pulsar Measurement has been designed to be an all-in-one pump controller, for small pump station control without the...
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UltraTWIN offers twin-channel differential level and volume monitoring. Each channel is user-configurable to operate independently either as an open channel flow meter,...
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Ultra 5

The Ultra 5 offers pump control, flow measurement, level control, volume calculations, and differential level measurement all in one compact unit. The...
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